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Paradiso is now on Patreon! Our Patrons will be the first to see our announcements before the public, as well as exclusive, behind-the-scenes peeks at what’s in store at our event, and other perks like the chance to purchase one of our coveted Golden Tickets. Every dollar earned through our Patreon helps Paradiso become a

Paradiso 2018: A Woodland Arcadia (Video)

Paradiso 2018: A Woodland Arcadia   J-Fashion lovers across America gathered in a delightful woodland soiree and lost themselves in a world of fashion! Paradiso’s annual J-fashion Gala featured indie designers in a fashion show, daring princes won the crowd’s heart in a pageant, vendors from across the nation bared their handmade wares, and our

Saxon Blues: A Model’s Perspective of Paradiso 2018

A Model’s Perspective of Paradiso 2018 J-Fashion blogger Saxon Blues has given us her thoughts about 2018’s event! In this in-depth review of her perspective as an attendee and model for the fashion show, Saxon Blues records her own experience, critique and praise. We are thankful for her words! Read her Review Here.

Paradiso 2017: The Eternal Reverie (Video)

  Here’s a glimpse of the fun we had at Paradiso: The Eternal Reverie! Day One was an expo with a pageant and fashion show at the Historic Hotel Phillips, and Day Two was an elegant tea party at Webster House. It was an enchanting affair and we’d love for you to join us for Paradiso:

Paradiso 2016: Video

Highlights from our 2016 event. Paradiso 2016 was a Two Day gala at the downtown Berg Event Space that featured looks from Soufflesong and Archangel Dollhaus, as well as vendors such as Lolita Collective and more.