Paradiso: Symphonia 2021 Dates

Paradiso: Symphonia 2021 Dates

Paradiso: Symphonia will take place
over the weekend of June 5 & 6 in 2021!

Our special guests, Japanese brands like Atelier Pierrot, Triple Fortune and Metamorphose are still joining us in 2021, and our venues, designers, and all programming remains the same!

ALL tickets held for Paradiso are automatically valid for our 2021 event. For those of you who cannot join us for our new dates, we have opened up a window for refund requests that will close July 30th. Please fill out the refund form linked below; more information about refunds can be found there as well.

We are also working on setting up a new hotel block for our new dates. Those attendees that previously held hotel block reservations will have the first chance to reserve new rooms, and further rooms can then be reserved by the rest of the public. We’ll be in touch as that develops.

We thank you all so much for your patience, understanding and support during this unprecedented situation. We are feeling confident that with these new dates, Paradiso: Symphonia can now be the best event it can be!

For those of you who still want to join us in Kansas City for a weekend celebration of J-Fashion, tickets are still available:

Suzanne Nelson