Paradiso: Symphonia takes place May 16th and 17th in Kansas City, Missouri.

Fashion Show

On the Day One event, Paradiso will present looks from indie designers from around the world.

Shop at our Day One Marketplace from vendors from around the world. Vendors will only be selling at the Day One event.
Japanese Brands
Triple Fortune returns to the Midwest, as well as other brands yet to be announced.

The Grand Plaza - At Union Station

An icon of Kansas City, this historic train station lays at the heart of downtown. The Grand Plaza is a massive hall with soaring ceilings and marble floors. 

Union Station's Address:
30 West Pershing Road, Kansas City, MO 64108

Midwest Ouji-Sama Pageant

On Day Two, who will be crowned prince of the Midwest?

Tea Party

For Day Two, enjoy a full tea party in an elegant setting.

Coordinate Contest
Our special guest brands will award fabulous prizes to the most outstanding outfit on Day Two.

The Grand Hall - At Power & Light

This historic art Art Deco skyscraper's lavish terraces and balconies make for an elegant tea party & pageant setting. 

The Grand Hall's Address:
1330 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64105