Special Guests

Special Guests

Triple Fortune


Triple Fortune Director, Vocalist and Lyricist for Brilliant Kingdom, and GLB writer.


Triple Fortune Designer and Vocalist for Brilliant Kingdom.

Triple Fortune & Brilliant Kingdom in the Midwest

Babi-san and Kaie-san run Japanese lolita brand Triple Fortune and form the Visual Kei band Brilliant Kingdom.

Babi-san & Kaie-San of Triple Fortune return to the Midwest! This elegant Lolita and Aristocrat brand is bringing looks for our fashion show and their intricate items to sell at the Day One Vendor Marketplace. For Day Two, the winners of our Coordinate Contest will receive a special prize directly from them!

Brilliant Kingdom -- A Special Performance:

Babi-san & Kaie-San form the singing Visual Kei duo Brilliant Kingdom, which will perform live for our attendees on the evening of Day One!

More Brands will join us soon.

Another Japanese Brand will travel to Kansas City to join us at Paradiso!
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Special Guest Judges

Three additional special guests will serve as judges for the Midwest Ouji-sama Pageant on Day Two.

Our Judges will be announced soon!