Fashion Show

Presenting J-Fashion Designers from Around the World

A Day One Event

Triple Fortune

This Japanese classic Lolita brand is known for their extravagant bonnets, Edwardian hats and luxurious detail.

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Enchanted Dream Couture

Enchanted Dream Couture​ creates elegant rococo inspired pieces dripping with details.

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Datura Doll Design

Datura Doll Design is an up and coming fashion line for cute, modern girls who love pink. Based in Amsterdam, their mission is to create transformative fashion that helps young women be themselves and embrace their sweet side.

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Night Whistper Lolita

NightWhisper began in Saint Louis with the goal to make Lolita fashion accessible to people of all body types.

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A J-fashion brand based in Atlanta, Puvithel is about unabashed, self-expression and spans many styles, including punk, gothic, lolita, and menhera.

Empire Noir

Empire Noir is an Aristocratic Gothic and Lolita Brand inspired by the regality of the macabre. This vampiric tale is told through a dynasty of red expressions, as well as west African culture and Baroque periods of style.

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Ivy Frozen Productions

Ivy Frozen Productions​ creates designs inspired by the past combined with fantasy and fairy tales, perfect for Lolita or a special look.

Spooky Sparkle Party

Spooky Sparkle Party​ creates handmade, plus sized friendly Lolita & J-Fashion clothing for spooky cuties of all shapes.

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Starcrossed Lovelies

Local to Kansas City, Missouri, this brand creates jewelry and fashion based on celestial love stories for magical girls, dreamers and witches.

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