Midwest Ouji-sama Pageant

The Midwest Ouji-Sama Pageant is a Day Two event that celebrates the classy J-Fashion style known as Ouji and the fabulous people who wear it.

The Contest

 Pageant Contestants, wearing their finest Ouji ensembles, will compete in three categories:

Q&A Session
Prospective princes will be judged on their wit, merit, and words as they are questioned on their worthiness.
Coordinate Competition

Our princes will parade their finest looks and dazzle the crowd with impeccable ouji style, but looks alone won't win the crown.

Woo a Royal

Can our princes woo the heart of a royal? They will be judged on their originality, class, and charm as they show off their penchant for romance.

To the Winner Go the Spoils

The winner will earn the title of Midwest Ouji-sama 2020, as well as a crown, sash, certificate, and a ticket to our 2020 event. One runner up will receive a certificate and gift.

Judges of Style, Charm and Character

Our special guest judges, along with votes from VIP ticket holders will determine the Crown Prince of the Midwest.

Puvithel Rajan

Puvithel is a alternative fashion designer who makes and designs original handmade jewelry, accessories, clothing and handbags for J-fashion and alternative styles, specializing in menhera.


Avalon Elliot

2017 Crown Prince of the Midwest Ouji-Sama Pageant, Avalon lends their time, talent, and charm to select this year's prince.

Avalon Elliot of Feyhaven on Facebook

Hello Batty

Creepy and cute YouTuber and fashion blogger Hello Batty is coming back to Kansas City. Batty was one our first Special Guest Judges for the inaugural Ouji Pageant from 2017.

Hello Batty's Channel

Pageant Host: sora

sora returns to this year's pageant as your charming host! A boystyle aficionado and vocalist from New Orleans, sora will guide our princes to the royal stage - but only one may wear the crown!