Our Day One Event features 30 sellers in our marketplace!

Triple Fortune

Our special guest Japanese Brand, Triple Fortune brings their elegant classic Lolita pieces and accessories for an entire pop-up shop!

Angelic Pretty

Attendees can browse Angelic Pretty's iconic looks in their Day One pop-up shop.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

Metamorphose's eclectic and fantastical Lolita items will be at the Day One Remote Sales Booth.

Lolita Collective

Joining us for the fourth year in a row, Lolita Collective carries over 80 indie J-Fashion designers from around the world. As a vendor and a platinum sponsor for 2018, Lolita Collective will be setting up an entire pop-up shop in one of the parlor rooms at the Day One event space.


Elegy is committed to creating lovely clothing fit for any and all. What matters not is your size and shape, but the fairytale dream that's in your heart. Elegy believes that all girls truly are princesses, and shouldn't be denied to dress as one. This indie brand will also show their looks in the Day One Fashion show.

Atelier Sucre

Atelier Sucré is a small independent Lolita fashion brand that is based in RI, USA. The two-woman workshop creates each item by hand,  and prides on quality workmanship, strong attention to detail, and the use of locally-sourced material. The work evokes a sense of historicism, and we draw a great deal of inspiration from the fashions of bygone eras.


JBTK Zine is an up-and-coming indie magazine that gears towards art and coordinates that are out of the box. You can browse their prints, stickers, publications and paper goods at Paradiso.

Nemeth Wild

Nemeth Wild​ creates handmade alternative fashion and Lolita clothing, specializing in comfy bloomers and adorable roomwear that fits all sizes.

Nemeth Wild on Etsy

Starpo Shop

Starpo Shop creates menhera, uchuu kei and adorable clothing, accessories and jewelry for magical girls and boys.

Starpo Shop on Storenvy

Le Petit Miaou Lolita

Le Petit Miaou creates casual apparel, resin accessories, and one-of-a-kind bows, skirts, and dresses.

Le Petit Miaou on Etsy

Dream Holic USA

Dream Holic is a unique and original wig design shop founded in 2012. From the colour to the hair styles, their wigs are all designed entirely by themselves. Dream Holic's goal is to bring the best quality and most unique styles-- perfect for any dreamy look!

Clock Monster

Clock Monster Clothes​ will be presenting their pieces for our fashion show and vendor marketplace on Day One! Their elegant, yet comfortable Lolita clothing is made for a wide range of body types and styles.

Clock Monster Clothes on Etsy

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley​ is run by indie designer Tyler Hetherson, who creates classic Lolita and Mori kei pieces and accessories inspired by flora, fauna, and fantasy.

LOTV on Etsy

Crystal Isis

Crystal Isis is a start-up apparel brand for fantasy warriors and magical girls who appreciate the value of the beautifully handmade. Inspired by alternative fashion and fairytales, they design for the eccentric, the ambitious, and the young at heart, with clothes and accessories that speak for the wearer

Crystal Isis on Etsy

Noir Arts & Oddities

Kansas City's premiere boutique for the strange and unusual, Noir carries an eclectic selection of art, medical specimens, antiques, taxidermy and curiosities.

Star Glazed Delights

Based in Oklahoma, Star Glazed delights makes adorable enamel and acrylic pins, jewelry and accessories.

Star Glazed Delights on Etsy

Ikemen Mode

Ikemen Mode designs regal clothing for princes characterized by an exuberant use of buttons, feathers and frills.  They specialize in Ouji, Aristocrat and Boystyle looks. This brand will also be showing their designs in our fashion show!

Ikemen Mode


A love of fantasy and the natural world inspires these handmade accessories and pieces, all based in Ohio.

Crystal Arcade

Crystal Arcade is out to turn your fandom into a fashion statement. This dual personality brand is unapologetically adorable, yet strangely alluring, and features designs and prints from a variety of subcultures and alternative fashions. Crystal Arcade is also showing their looks in our fashion show! 

Crystal Arcade on Etsy

Dream Cathedral

Started by a gothic and classic lolita with a desire for more variety, Dream Cathedra makes accessories inspired by motifs like stained glass and apples, and classical brooches, with an emphasis on historical art styles.

Dream Cathedral on Etsy

Atelier Excentrique

From Chicago, Atelier Excentriques​ has handmade clothing and accessories for Gothic lolitas, mori girls and boys, antique dolls, ghosts and ghouls.

Atelier Excentrique on Storenvy

The Bloody Tea Party

The Bloody Tea Party specializes in handmade lolita designs wishing to inspire a dreamy, fairytale life with splendid clothing, accessories, & jewelry.

The Bloody Tea Party on Facebook

Prism Moon Designs

Local to Kansas City, Prism Moon Designs​ will be creates their handmade jewelry, fantasy crafts and whimsical accessories.

Prism Moon on Etsy

Elsewhere Emporium- Remote Sales Vendors

Wunderwelt is a Japanese reseller of used and new Lolita & J-Fashion brands, and they'll be bringing a variety of their wares to the remote sales booth at Paradiso!

Lipton Cunningham

You can find Lipton Cunningham​'s charming handmade accessories at the Elsewhere Emporium Remote Sales booth on Day One! Lipton Cunningham's pieces are inspired by military regalia, nature and history, and a portion of their profits go to charity.

Lipton Cunningham on Facebook

Ghost Girl Goods

Ghost Girl Goods exists to to spread confidence through clothing and provide people with unique, original goods inspired by dance, music, and Japanese fashion!
Their slogan "BE STRANGE. FEAR THE NORM." encourages people to feel confident wearing their looks.

Ocean in Space

Ocean In Space was born with a love for all things bright, colourful, and happy. This Canada based illustrator and designer creates adorable illustrated, tees, hoodies and bubbly accessories.

Sigil Kiss

Exploring Yami Kawaii and Menhera looks, Sigil Kiss creates illustrated tees, hoodies and designs with bright colors and a creepy cute aesthetic.

Miss Octopie

Miss Octopie is inspired by 90’s cartoons, Japanese pop culture, and the colorful street fashions of Harajuku, building her own “kawaii” artist brand from the ground up. She personally illustrates her printed fabrics, and hand makes her jewelry and accessories.

Hopeygal Lolita

Hopeygal Lolita is a seller of various overseas indie brand items, from kawaii accessories to main pieces.

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