Our Day One Event features dozens of sellers from around the world -- our biggest marketplace yet!

Triple Fortune

Our special guest Japanese Brand, Triple Fortune brings their elegant classic Lolita pieces and accessories for an entire pop-up shop!

Atelier Pierrot

This brands extravagant Gothic Lolita and Aristocrat looks are coming to the vendor marketplace.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

Metamorphose's eclectic and fantastical Lolita items will be at the Day One Remote Sales Booth.

Lolita Collective

Joining us for the fourth year in a row, Lolita Collective carries over 80 indie J-Fashion designers from around the world. As a vendor and a platinum sponsor for 2018, Lolita Collective will be setting up an entire pop-up shop in one of the parlor rooms at the Day One event space.

Evil Live

Evil Live sells popular and adorable Lolita bags, and will also be carrying items from Korean brands LIEF and Baroque!

Enchanted Dream Couture

Enchanted Dream Couture​ creates elegant rococo inspired pieces dripping with details.

Etsy Shop


JBTK Zine is an up-and-coming indie magazine that gears towards art and coordinates that are out of the box. You can browse their prints, stickers, publications and paper goods at Paradiso.

Lulu VanHoagland

Lulu VanHoagland Art focuses on surrealism, mental health and uses Lolita and Lolita inspired clothing as a way to represent this through a feminine lens.

Two Tarts and a Princess

Two Tarts and a Princess strives to express the idea of wearable whimsy. Each item is handmade & painted, locally cut from renewable materials, and treated lovingly with care by the artist.

Princette Party

Princette Party creates resin jewelry and accessories that are cute, positive, and affirm all gender identities.

Le Petit Miaou Lolita

Le Petit Miaou creates casual apparel, resin accessories, and one-of-a-kind bows, skirts, and dresses.

Le Petit Miaou on Etsy

The Menagerie of Misplaced Memories

The Menagerie of Misplaced Memories​ uses recycled, reused, and found materials, for each of their handmade piece to imbued with its own unique story.


Wunderwelt has a huge selection of new and used Japanese brand items, as well as J-Fashion items from around the world.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley​ is run by indie designer Tyler Hetherson, who creates classic Lolita and Mori kei pieces and accessories inspired by flora, fauna, and fantasy.

LOTV on Etsy

Spooky Sparkle Party

Spooky Sparkle Party creates handmade, plus sized friendly Lolita & J-Fashion clothing for spooky cuties of all shapes.

Nemeth Wild

Nemeth Wild will be bringing their adorable and comfortable bloomers, roomwear, and other handmade pieces.


Toshi Salvino is a multimedia artist-- she's bringing her creations, pins, prints and more.

Star Glazed Delights

Based in Oklahoma, Star Glazed delights makes adorable enamel and acrylic pins, jewelry and accessories.

Star Glazed Delights on Etsy

Of A Long Lost Land

Often one of a kind, Of a Long Lost Land creates handmade resin jewelry inspired by myths, royalty and gothic fantasy.


Lavendorium is run by Mia Young Art, whose handmade jewelry and accessories are full of love and glitter.

Emfy Art

Emfy creates intricate illustrations and art prints with J-Fashion themes.

Neant Glass

Neant Glass  crafts custom stained glass items, accessories and jewelry.

KuroShiro Kawaii

This Texas based seller carries Japanese brands like Liz Lisa, Q-pot, Sex Pot Revenge, and more.

Kuroshiro Kawaii


A J-fashion brand based in Atlanta, Puvithel is about unabashed, self-expression and spans many styles, including punk, gothic, lolita, and menhera.

Noir Arts & Oddities

Kansas City's premiere boutique for the strange and unusual, Noir carries an eclectic selection of art, medical specimens, antiques, taxidermy and curiosities.

Sweet Mildred

Everything Sweet Mildred sews has a story. With unique and custom clothing, matching hair accessories and one of a kind items, Sweet Mildred will share that story with you!

Crystal Isis

Crystal Isis is a start-up apparel brand for fantasy warriors and magical girls who appreciate the value of the beautifully handmade. Inspired by alternative fashion and fairytales, they design for the eccentric, the ambitious, and the young at heart, with clothes and accessories that speak for the wearer

Crystal Isis on Etsy

Dream Cathedral

Started by a gothic and classic lolita with a desire for more variety, Dream Cathedra makes accessories inspired by motifs like stained glass and apples, and classical brooches, with an emphasis on historical art styles.

The Bloody Tea Party

The Bloody Tea Party specializes in handmade lolita designs wishing to inspire a dreamy, fairytale life with splendid clothing, accessories, & jewelry.

The Bloody Tea Party on Facebook

Nana Marchae

Nana Marchae is a traditional artist who offers her adorable J-Fashion themed prints and illustrations at events all over.

Kira Kira Kawaii Shoppe

This seller creates glittery and cute accessories for egl enthusiasts.