Purgatorio: Memento Mode

Purgatorio: Memento Mode

A Virtual J-Fashion Event

July 3rd & 4th

A World Wide Web of Fashion

Paradiso has partnered with JFashion on Demand once again to present Purgatorio: Memento Mode. Streaming live to the public on Twitch the weekend of July 3 -4, our virtual J-Fashion event features Japanese brands and designers from around the world, vendors, Ouji-Pageant, tea party and much more.

Fashion Walk Submissions are open!

More Details Coming soon

With Paradiso: Symphonia being pushed back to 2022, Purgatorio steps in as a place for the worldwide community to gather (safely) and celebrate all things J-Fashion. Participating indie and Japanese brands, designers, creators and panelists will be announced here and on our social platforms in the coming days and weeks.

The Event’s Theme: A Memory of Fashion

The literal meaning of “Memento Mode” is a memory of fashion– we felt that in a lot of ways, Lolita and other J-Fashions look to the past for inspiration, be it centuries old styles or just a few decades ago. With meetups and events being put on hold as the world around us changes, we all feel a longing for the way things used to be. The visual language for this theme focuses on the decades where Lolita fashion was most nascent– a mix of the 80s and 90s, leaning into otome, old school and retro aesthetics.