Paradiso needs a few volunteers to help with various tasks during our Day One Event. If accepted as a Volunteer, you will receive $15 off your Day One ticket. (Either a $15 refund if your ticket has already been purchased, OR a $15 discount if your ticket still needs to be purchased.)

Volunteer Expectations:

  • Volunteers must be on their best behavior, and are expected to arrive in a timely manner.
  • Volunteers must be 18+
  • Volunteers must have reliable transportation to and from the event location.
  • Volunteers must abide by all our terms, including our dress code, as they are still ticket holders.
  • You will be asked to either assist with decor set-up, tear down, or access control.
    • The Set Up Team will assist with setting up areas like the Remote Sales Booth, Staff Den, and signage and decor placement.
    • The Tear Down Team will assist with packing up areas like the Remote Sales Booth, Staff Den, and signage and decor removal.
    • Access Control will assist with Check-in, or will be keeping an eye on entrances and exits.
  • Volunteers are required to work for a minimum of two hours. You can enjoy the event for the rest of your time here with us.
  • If accepted, you will receive more specific instructions and arrival times. Expect to arrive at least a few hours before the Day One event begins, or to stay a bit later after the Day One event ends.
  • Due to time restrictions, those already accepted to model in the fashion show cannot be accepted as volunteers.

Please reach out to us on our contact page if you have any questions. 

Volunteer Application:

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