Model Application

Paradiso is looking for models to participate in our fashion show. Models will wear and show looks from independent designers. All applications will be considered, regardless of  gender, body type and size. 

Models must abide by these terms:

  • Models must be at least 18 years old to participate.
  • Models apply on a volunteer basis.
  • If a model cannot make it to the designated start time, they must notify the Fashion Show Coordinator and their designer.
  • If a model is not a ticket holder, they must leave immediately after the fashion show concludes and their designer retrieves their garments.
  • Models that are ticket holders must bring a change of clothes for the rest of the event – They can’t wear their Fashion Show outfit outside of the Fashion Show.
  • Models must consent to use of the images taken of them during the show by Paradiso and the designer(s) they are in.
  • While modeling for Paradiso, participants are expected to be on their best behavior as they are representing the gala and their designer.
  • Models are financially responsible for the garments they wear for the show, and are expected to exercise great care when wearing and handling their designer’s items.
  • Paradiso is not responsible for any theft, injuries, or damages to models during their participation in the runway event.

Model Applications close March 31st. 

Thank you!

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