Paradiso’s Dress Code: How formal is formal?

Paradiso's Dress Code:
How formal is formal?

All J-fashion is Encouraged - Formal Attire is Mandatory

J-fashion is encouraged at Paradiso, but a minimum of formal attire is required to meet our Dress Code.  Even though J-fashion covers a very wide array styles and clothing, we know some attendees would like to bring along a friend, family member or significant other who may not have a J-fashion ensemble prepared.

Acceptable Formal Attire:

Morning Dress

White Tie

Black Tie

Provided the attire is  formal wear, it need not necessarily be "western" formal wear. Sari, hanbok, yukata, etc. can meet our dress code.

Examples of Formal Wear (for Men):

J-fashion has a huge array of styles!

Paradiso is not just about Lolita Fashion. There are so many aesthetics in J-fashion, and we want to encourage creativity!

If you have any questions about what does or doesn't fit into our dress code, don't hesitate to contact us through our social media or at

Suzanne Nelson